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Accommodation Xirokambi Sparta

Hotel Taleton

Taleton is a friendly 3 star hotel, housed in a beautifully restored old olive and silk warehouse. Its spacious rooms and split-level suites with sitting area,  free Internet access (Wifi) and a fully-equipped bathroom give you all the comfort of home. Take pleasure in the lovely courtyard with its beautiful fountain, or relax by the fireplace in the lounge and peruse one of the books there. Taleton is a green country house: built with respect for nature. It makes full use of geowarmth and serves a delicious breakfast with local and organic products.

God of the Sun

Above Bryseae rises Taleton, a peak of Taygetus. They call it sacred to the Sun. Pausanius

The hotel accommodation is an ideal base for visits to the renowned city of Sparta and the Byzantine castle of Mystras. Routes and maps for walks in the valley of Sparta and up into the mountains are available at the reception.

A double room costs 60 euro per night including breakfast. For more information and booking, visit the website or mail to info@taleton.gr.