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Pebble Mosaic Workshop


The ancient Greeks made their first mosaics of pebbles.

The art of mosaics is thousands of years old. The first mosaics were made of pebbles; they graced the floors of buildings in ancient Greece. In a matter of hours you too can learn how to make a technically sound pebble mosaic slab for your backyard. Learn how to sort, fit and lay pebbles for exterior use. Ancient and modern designs will be presented. The workshop will include instruction on issues such as site selection and preparation (grade, slope, water runoff) and maintenance. Your finished slabs are yours to keep and can be placed in your garden.

There is a choice of a full day pebble mosaic workshop where you make your own mosaic toPebble mosaic take home with you OR a one-hour presentation of how a pebble mosaic is made. For more information, please contact Dimitra Colomvakou at info@votsalota.com.

Instructor Dimitra Colomvakou has studied the techniques from world renowned pebble mosaic artists and brings a wealth of experience to the class.

www.votsalota.comPebble mosaic by Dimitra Kolomvakou
+30 6978 440 119

Class is conducted in an outdoor traditional workshop (only 5 minutes by foot from Taleton Green Country House), in English.Pebble mosaic by Dimitra Kolomvakou

Please book in advance, space is limited.